Load balancing and fallover in 2.0

  • I had some questions about the the new outbound load balancing and fallover.

    If I wanted to load balance  dsl and cable modem at different rate I would add it multiple times to the pool it doesn't seem possible to do that in 2.0

    if I wanted to do fallover and load balancing do I create a load balancing pool the 2 fallover pools  or can it all be done in one pool

    any tips would be greatly appreciated

    thanks for the help

  • That approach will not work anymore.

  • I am slightly confused seem like the load balancing and fallover/failover has lost features if the move from 1.2.3 to 2.0 if you can't load balance and failover at the same time.

    it would be nice if it could move between connections due to any of the reasons  member down,  high latency, high packet loss

    maybe I am the only one with such poor :)

  • We seem to be misunderstanding each other here.
    Your existing load balancer pools will automatically be upgraded to the new gateway groups format.

    What is not possible specifically is adding 1 link multiple times to adjust for differences in bandwidth.

    What is possible now over 1.2 is the use of a combined load balancing + failover group.
    e.g. You can let 2 connections load balance, but if those 2 fail you can switch to a 3rd backup line.

  • ok just to be sure i am on the same page i can load balance wan1 and opt1 but if i want failover i would need an opt2 for it to failover to.

    Could this be done by creating 2 additional gateway groups in addition to my load balancing gateway group ex: wan1 fails to opt1 and then opt1 fails to wan1

    thanks for the help

  • Yes, you can create any number of groups that do load balancing, failover or a combination.

    Just reference them in your rules.

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