Load balancing with same gatways?

  • I have several hig speed PPPOE connection, but they all use the same Gateway/modem.

    Can you do load balancing with that at all? I'm trying and trying but yet I could only get load balancing working with 2 of this connections. One PPPOE and the other pppoe connected from inside the modem itself. So I got 2 different Getways.

    When I only use 4. PPPOE connections with PFsense. It says dynamic getway and monitor IP is the same for all 4. No load balancing is done.

  • This is not possible.
    Your approach to do the PPPoE authentication on the modem itself and then route multiple different internal IPs is currently the only one that works.

  • I still gonna try my luck. Theoretically it should be possible if I use 4x PFsense VM each connected to its own PPPOE and change the LAN IP address for each of this 4 VM. Wouldnt taht produce different gateways just like 4 different hardware routers would?

  • Yes this should work.
    Essentially you then have 4 routers in front of the loadbalancer.

  • Yeah done it and it works fine. Everything virtualised right now. Tomorrow I gonna try to input the IP of the virtualized desktop mashine in the only NIC I got and see if the host computer will start working with Pfsense or if everything will just break down. If this wont work I will need to transfer all the Vms to my other computer and buy another NIC.

  • I'm trying the same, could you send me your config so I can have a good example?

  • Forget it. Go get ClearOS 5.1 once known as ClarkConnect. It can do all that with just one VM. It can work with several PPPOE connections without the need to setup virtual gateways. You can install it wout any optional services at all so its much easier on the computer. So it consumes less memory and less everything. Pretty easy out of the box. Not worth bothering with pfsense if it doesnt work out of the box.

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