Enable Advanced Outbound NAT question

  • I have "Enable Advanced outbound NAT" enabled on my PFSENSE firewall with the following configuration. Does this look like the proper way to set this up and is there any documentation on Advanced outbound besides what is in the monowall documentation?

    Lan is
    DMZ is

    I need my mail server to use a public interface other then the ip address that is on the firewall. It must send and recieve mail on the same IP.

    I have other servers on the DMZ with port forwarding rules.

    WAN * * * * * static=no (Auto Created rule for LAN)
    WAN *** Real outside IP * static = no (Mail server real IP)
    WAN ***** static=no (DMZ rule)

    Thanks in advance,

  • Looks about right to me. If it does what you expect it to do it should be ok  ;)

  • Hoba,

    Thanks for all your help.

    It did exactly what it was suppose to.

    PFSENSE is a great product!


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