Files are speed limited when downloading a file from the gateway (inc squid)

  • Why is my speed limited to 1500kbps when im dowloading a file from the router with a computer inside the lan?


    cp some_big_file /usr/local/www/


    wget http://pfsense_router/some_big_file

    You can see some of my QoS settings here:,22353.0.html

    Currently my network is:

    Modem  --WAN PORT-- Pfsense router --LAN PORT-- Switch  ---- Several Computers
                                                                                                        ---- Wireless AP             ---- More computers

    Modem in bridged mode, router handling PPPOE auth.

    I'm not sure what to provide so please ask away.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's part of how traffic shaping works. Traffic is shaped when leaving an interface, not entering (that is the only way it can be limited)

    So traffic leaving your pfSense box on the LAN interface will always be governed by your shaping rules.

  • But it's LAN traffic, it shouldnt be affected at all, only traffic entering/leaving the WAN interface.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have the shaper active on LAN, any traffic leaving LAN – regardless of origin -- is affected by the shaper.

  • EDIT: Traffic should not be limited on the LAN interface as its going in the LAN interface and OUT the LAN interface, correct?

    It shouldnt match any of my rules as they are all set with WAN in and LAN out or vice versa.

    ~~Im wondering how to get around this.

    Would it be possible to have the default rules and then assign a new queue which has 1gbps (possibly make it parent), assign all traffic originating from lan subnet destined to lan subnet to a queue that has 1gbps bandwidth?


    LANTOTAL (1gbps) parent
     – qwanRoot 218kbps
         -- children
    WANTOTAL (1gbps) parent
     -- qlanRoot 1306kbps
         -- children~~

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