Problem with new Cisco switches

  • I have been beating my head aginst a wall for the last couple of hours.  We just got/installed new Cisco 3560 gigE switches.  Seems that the interfaces and Pfsense WRAP boards do not play well together.

    Forced the ports on the switch to 100meg/Full and Pfense didnt see interface as full deuplex and was causing errors due to duplex mismatch.  I tweaked the Config.xml file via the tips in the FAQ, and forced the sis0 and sis1 to full… still got CRC errors and collisions.

    Only way I could make things work was to leave the XML options in place to make sis0 and sis1 to full in Pfsense, and then set the Cisco interfaces to auto speed and auto duplex.

    Just a FYI in case someone else runs into this...

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