How to use failover capability of multi port NIC

  • Hi,

    Does pfSense can see multiple physical interface (from a dual port NIC) as if it was only one (to have a failover on the Lan side)?

    Thank you

  • I think you want to create a LAGG interface. Try /interfaces_lagg.php

  • Hi,

    To be more specific, I wish to do some etherchannel with Cisco switches or if etherchannel is not possible, at least some failover betzeen the 2 ports of a same interface.
    What do you mean with the /interface_lagg.php?
    How cwn I connect it as I don't find this in my pfSense test server

    Thank you


  • Oops, sorry, I thought I was on the 2.0 board when I replied to you. The page I referred to is used on 2.0 to aggregate links, much like Cisco etherchannel. 2.0 has some outstanding issues, but it has met my needs for the past month. I don't know of any way to do this in pfsense 1.2, certainly not in the web UI.

  • I didn't try yet the 2.0
    but it is not in my 1.2.3 version, unfortunately
    So, no etherchannel for this version? :(

  • You can probably try setting up the Lagg/Etherchannel stuff manually in FreeBSD. You won't have the pretty GUI to manage it, but take a look at the following article from the FreeBSD Handbook

    (Just in case you didn't know, pfSense is FreeBSD)

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