Can't connect the internet using opt1 (Solved)

  • My setup is -
    PFsense V.2
    WAN ip - 192.168.20.somthing, using DHCP and connected to a router. (sbox)
    Lan ip - /24, I have computers connected and they can connect the internet as well as access the web GUI.

    I setup a third NIC, OPT1.
    IP / 24. I setup DHCP server on it and computers connected to it GET a valid IP.
    BUT - computer connected to it can't access the internet nor can they access the web GUI.

    Your help if much apreciated.

  • Did you setup any rules for OPT1?

  • No, but found out that I need to add a firewall rule.

    It's now solved, but I will have to know how to perfect my rules in the future…

  • cool.

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