Shell settings

  • Its a nice new shell-interface, but…

    I can't read good white on black and need a clear interface to work with (My own shell settings are white background and black font). So with the new settings my prompt looks ... unreadeable.
    Its white on white. All following lines appear white on black background, which looks strange, due to my "normal" settings. Not a big prob, i set it to my own preferences, but my biggest problem is that on every update my /etc/csh.cshrc and /root/.tcshrc are overwritten.
    This is not optimal and it would be a nice thing if this would not happen. I'm using pfSense on a full instal.

    Second thing is that /root/.profile is filled with

    if [ env | grep SSH_TTY | wc -l -gt 0 ] || [ env | grep cons25 | wc -l -gt 0 ]; then

    I think this should not be.
    Looks as if this lines are added at every update. My .profile has actually 113 rows.

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