What does "Packet mode" mean ? What is "Packet mode" ?

  • I would like to ask what this thing is. When a user see "Install Bootblock(s)" page of installation wizard to HDD, he could see packet mode in addition to install bootblock. The packet mode is not selected by default, so I count that it is something special, but documentation about this thing is very very poor or even if it exists. I did not found anything about it on this forum. I do not like things which are unknown to me, so I am naturally curious especially FreeBSD or PC-BSD or FreeSBIE installation process does not offer this option.

    I tried to found something about BSD EASY BOOT LOADER options and packet mode I didn´t found.  ???

    I think the question needs well-founded answer, because it could be a candidate for FAQ or some other documentation.

    Thank you.

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