[solved][panic] fatal trap 9 on KVM virt with AMD – hw.mca.enabled=0

  • Hello forum

    I've successfully installed pfsense 2.0 beta4 on a kvm virtualized environment running on AMD processors.

    Just like FreeBSD 8.1, pfsense 2.0 crashed on me with fatal trap 9 in early boot stage.
    (64 bit FreeBSD 8.1 crashed with fatal trap 12 … )

    Choose "7. loader prompt" on boot menu.

    set hw.mca.enabled=0

    After successfull install, add hw.mca.enabled=0 to /boot/loader.conf.

    echo "hw.mca.enabled=0" >> /boot/loader.conf

    …has to be applied again after every upgrade of pfsense.

    successfully tested on cloudsigma.com and elastichosts.com .

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use /boot/loader.conf.local - it should be left alone between upgrades.

  • I just added this tweak so it should be supported out of the box.  Please test next snapshot.

  • I didn't noticed such error when using Intel Xeon or Intel Core 2 Duo processors with Qemu-KVM. Just for the information.

  • Thank you guys!

    I'm really impressed.
    @sullrich mille grazie for the commit!
    @jimp thanks for the hint.

    @TooMeeK: confirm - I've tested with FreeBSD 8.1. This panic only occurs on KVM running on AMD.
    FreeBSD 8.1 on KVM running on Intel does not need the fix.

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