Re: Problems with NAT/port forwarding with 2.0Beta

  • Hello and Marry Cristams to those who celebrate it.
    I’m utilizing this post because I have the same issues as the originator.
    I'm using the latest of the latest release of 2.0 beta (from 26.12)
    I have tried to forward ports without any success.
    I used embedded function in NAT, did rules myself, but no success so far, even the PPTP is not working anymore.
    The FW is still blocking all the requests.
    I would be very grateful if somebody can provide clear instructions or post a link for how to properly forward ports on 2.0beta.

  • Banned

    Have you posted a ticket on

  • Sorry I haven't. Should I have to?
    … perhaps, may be that I'm the one that is not doing properly.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I split this off into a new thread, as it's likely a different issue than the other thread (which had solutions posted, and if they didn't work, it's definitely a separate issue).

    Port forwarding is accomplished in much the same way as 1.2.x. If it doesn't work, there is probably something wrong with how the NAT rule or associated firewall rule was set. Post as much detail about what you are doing and we can provide some useful feedback. It would be good to see:

    • Screenshot of the Port forward settings that do not work
    • Screenshot of the associated firewall rule if it exists
    • Details of how you are testing whether or not it works (from inside your network, outside, etc)

  • i'm realy sorry for mislead you.
    Because I was playing on 192xxxx IP ranges, and did not disable the general restricting rule it was not allowing me to pass.
    Case to be considered as resolved!

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