• I try to setup a GRE-tunnel, but it fails: Whatever i enter at "GRE tunnel local address" or "GRE tunnel remote address", i'm getting a "The tunnel local and tunnel remote fields must have valid IP addresses."

    Is it a bug or am i such silly? I can enter whatever i want, same error.

    Second question is about WCCP-version: Which version is choosen? I only have a box to enter, no clear description of what is what.

  • The only way you will ge tthat error is from exactly the error you are getting.
    Post screenshots of it to check

  • Here a test with pic:

  • It does not support names in the box.
    So you should put everything an ip.

  • oh, dynamic IPS are not supported with GRE? hmmm. So at last its only the message which is wrong.
    With an "old" release (maybe between april and july, not sure when) i could enter a dynamic adress.

    So GRE is not (any more) supported with dynamic IPs?

    So what about that checkbox? Which WCCP is choosen in which case? I think, not ticked means vers. 1, ticked vers. 2?

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • It was never supported.
    Possibly a feature request for post 2.0. Previous versions just did not have error checking.

  • Ah, ok. Thanks!