• Hi all,
    I am running 2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Tue Feb 8 17:54:22 EST 2011.

    My setup is:

    WAN -> em0
    LAN -> em1
    WIFI -> ath0 (pppe)

    I have tried the how to : http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,20917.0.html but I have some trouble achieving the following:

    • I want to use vlan tagging on the wifi traffic

    In pF 1.2.3 I have manage to do that. Wireless interface has it's own dhcp server and traffic is tagged using a bridge on the em1 (LAN + vlan tag) interface.

    I have tried several times without any luck so far on pF 2…

    Has somebody be able to make this thing works?


  • The FreeBSD man page for vlan doesn't suggest vlans are supported on any WiFi interface.

    None of my wireless interfaces (run and ral) on my pfSense 2.0 box say they are VLAN capable.

  • You are perfectly right, vlan tagging is not supported on my ath0 wifi card.
    In fact, I want to use a bridge on the lan interface to tag the wifi traffic.
    I have managed to make it work on pF 1.2.3 but I have some trouble with pF 2.

    I will test further today.