Multiple Public IP

  • Hey!

    This explains my current setup that I have :
    111.222.333.96/25 - WAN assigned by provider
    111.222.777.16/29 - usable subnet

    On my pfsense I have a WAN interface, a LAN interface and a OPT Interface. I want my OPT interface to have my usable subnet.

    I've tried other setups explained here in the forum and also spoken to my ISP about the usable subnet.
    for the Subnet my Network IP is 111.222.777.16, Gateway is .17 and broadcast is .23.

    I've set OPT IP as .17 and apprantly this is all I should have had to do. After reading some of the forum posts I've also used 1:1 NAT…

    Im quite lost at the moment and need a nudge in the right direction. Please help...

  • You don't want NAT from OPT1 to WAN as the OPT-Subnet has already public routable IPs (as far as I understand your placeholder IPs). Delete all the 1:1 NATs and whatever you tried to make it working. Then go ot firewall>nat, outbound. Enable advanced outbound NAT. It will create one rule for your LAN subnet automatically. In case you would need a rule for OPT1 you would have to add it but as you want to route between OPT1 and WAN you should be ok with just the autocreated LAN rule.

  • Ok, I've deleted everything i've tried to make it work previously and just have advanced outboard NAt enabled. I have one entry for my LAN outboard.

    After doing this, still no go, (No ping hitting these from the outside) I am expecting to be able to ping .18 and get a reponse from the .18 which is inside my network… Am I expecting to much?

    At this stage I feel im out of my depth, I've tried finding more information on about this but cant... :|

  • Did you create firewallrules to let the traffic pass? Can the clients from the opt subnet get out to the internet?

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