Building a Custom Pfsense Image for Embedded System

  • I'm  interested  in  building  a  custom  pfsense  image  which  includes  some  additional
    functionalities  such  as  GreenSQL,  TeredoBSD  and  such.

    The  image  is  to  be  installed  on  an  embedded  PC  (Alix2D3)  model.

    Could  anyone  please  furnish  me  with  extra  details  that  provides  information  in  building  
    a  custom  pfsense  image  and/or  modifying  them  which  includes  the  addition  of  other  
    useful  packages  such  as  GreenSQL  and  TeredoBSD  applications  to  the  image.

    Thank  You

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Setting up a builder is covered here:

    As for adding the packages, that's up to you. There are mechanisms in the package system to overlay packages and other such things.

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