Multi WAN NAT setup question

  • I have 2 WAN ports coming in.  I have a number of services that we are RR loadbalancing through DNS.  So they need to push through on both interfaces.  I thought I should be able to use Interface groups to setup inbound NAT rules, but that doesn't show as an option.

    This is on the official RC1 release.


  • Hewdy,
    For inbound load balancing you just create NAT port map on each wan interface tab, no need for a group although groups should make it easier to manage the NAT/rules stuff. (For testing just add NAT map on each wan interface to see it work then play with interface groups, etc.)

    For outbound load balance you got to system-routing then groups & create a new one with each WAN. If they are same tier they load balance, if not then they failover in order. Then you edit he default LAN rule and select the multi-wan group you created under Gateway section by clicking the Advanced button next to it.

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