Mixing DHCP Server and DHCP Relay

  • Hi, why isn't it possible to mix this two?. It would be nice in this scenario:

    VLAN10 - Servers
    VLAN20 - Desktops
    VLAN30 - Third party entity
    VLAN40 - Third party entity
    VLAN50 - Third party entity
    VLAN60 - Third party entity

    For "our" machines it would be nice to have PFSense relaying VLAN20 clients petitions to our AD servers on VLAN10. Also, we would like to give some infrastructure services (DHCP/DNS) to VLAN30, VLAN40, VLAN50, VLAN60 using PFSense as those desktops aren't part of our AD…

    Any workaround?

  • Really NO-ONE really ever needed this?

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