Firebox SSL Core slow rebooting and not shutting down

  • Guys,

    does anyone suffer the same behavior on there Firebox?
    It takes ages to reboot, and shut down is not happening.
    This is running latest snapshot of 2.0 with embedded kernel installed.

    Any idea how I can troubleshoot this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Ok, the slow rebooting got solved by switching the kernel to Uniprocessor.

    Still, when I Shutdown, instead of shutting down, it reboots. Any idea?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is this behaviour a recent change?
    I'd be surprised to find it shut down correctly since that box doesn't have an on button, it's not supposed to be shut down.
    None of the fireboxes I have tried shut down, they just halt.

    Interesting box the ssl core. Have you modified it? How much ram does it have?


  • Yes, I've replaced the Celeron with a PIII 1Ghz. Default ram is 256Mb, but looking at putting 512 in.
    It has a removable HD tray with a 40Gig 2.5" disk in it. I quite happy with it so far.

    I have the Arm/Disarm led turning green after pfSense is completely booted by adding a .sh script into /usr/local/etc/rc.d calling WGXepc -l green, but how can i do the same while rebooting (like the beeps)? I tried adding WGXepc into (which worked) but that file seems to be overridden when updating pfSense.

    I also have the LCD working with the lcdd2 package.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That's how I have the led setup as well. It seems odd that it doesn't work on rebooting though. Do you mean you want it to set the led red when it reboots?
    Good to know that the program works on the ssl-core, it was just speculation until now!  :)


  • Yes, i would like to flash red when the box is rebooting or shutting down.

    Also, I installed pfsense on the hd using a pc and choose the embedded kernel to have the serial console working. After I changed the kernel to the uniprocessor one. But everytime I do an upgrade (daily snapshot) the embedded kernel is there again. How can I make the uniprocessor kernel stick?

  • Netgate Administrator

    This is getting confusing replying in two posts!  ::)

    If you only need console access you can do a full install on a PC and then go into the web gui and select 'serial console'.


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