[Unbound]Add Static Entries in batch mode ?

  • Hi,

    I am running PF 2.0RC3 x86 version with Unbound.
    Is there any way to add static entries in batch mode?
    I would like to add thousands of static entries in Unbound, so it's really tough if I need to add the record one by one…. :(

    Some samples:   youtube.com   www.youtube.com   gdata.youtube.com

    Thanks for any reply~

  • there is no easy way currently. Are you looking to do a blacklist of some sort?

  • Actually I would like to import a white list by using Unbounded.

    Some bad domain names are intercepted by DNS provider here.

    I need to modify/import thousands of records here, so I was thinking there is any easy way..

    Maybe it can be added to wish-list?

  • Cool - added to the wishlist. I use something similar, although my use is for reverse proxying of popular sites.