DHCP option 43 - Where can I set it?

  • Hi everyone,

    Trying to set DHCP option 43 for Aastra phones. Where in pfSense 2.0 RC3 can I find this feature? or do I have to tamper a specific config file?


  • Hi,

    try it under Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options

    Regards, Valle

  • I see that now. Thanks.

    What do those fields mean and how this be setup? :-) I have no clue now. Here is what I have from Aastra but this doesn't match the fields I get in pfSense DHCP extra options section:

    Option 43 Redirection and Configuration Server (RCS) Bypass
    DHCP Option 43 includes the ability to bypass contacting Aastra's Redirection and Configuration
    Server (RCS), in addition to the previous support of setting the configuration server to contact.
    A sub-option code 3 uses a boolean value (true or false) that controls whether or not the phone
    should contact the RCS after a factory default. If this value is set to false, the the RCS is not
    contacted. If it is set to true or is missing, then the RCS is contacted as per previous releases. This
    can be used in conjunction with the existing code 2 sub-option to set the configuration server.
    Configuring RCS Bypass via Option 43 on a Linux DHCP Server
    The following example illustrates how to configure RCS bypass via Option 43 on a Linux DHCP
    option space AastraIPPhone;
    option AastraIPPhone.cfg-server-name code 02 = text;
    option AastraIPPhone.contact-rcs code 03 = boolean;
    Subnet netmask {
    #The 6757i phones do not contact the RCS but use the defined FTP server for
    configuration files.
    class "vendor-class-57i" {
    match if option vendor-class-identifier="AastraIPPhone57i";
    vendor-option-space AastraIPPhone;
    option AastraIPPhone.cfg-server-name "ftp://username:password@";
    option AastraIPPhone.contact-rcs false;
    #The 6757iCT phones do not contact the RCS.
    class "vendor-class-57iCT" {
    match if option vendor-class-identifier="AastraIPPhone57iCT";
    vendor-option-space AastraIPPhone;
    option AastraIPPhone.contact-rcs false;

    Some clarification on above will be very useful to me. Under DHCP Advance, I have Name, Type, and Value and I am not sure what to insert there based on above code quote.


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