Packages without config files silently fail to install

  • I'm trying to install Quagga and the script seems to be stopping at 'Loading package configuration".  Quagga doesn't have a configuration file defined in the current package spec XML.  It should be throwing an error, but if there's no config file in the XML, the file_exists test sees that the directory is there and proceeds along and dies at parse_xml_config_pkg with an unset $configfile.

    What's the proper behavior when this is the case? I'm guessing the packages SHOULD have a config file… but until this is fixed, maybe the PHP should handle it a little better? A simple test for config_file being set in the XML would probably be a good start.

  • Anyways, I hacked it to skip parse_xml_config_pkg if $configfile is unset. The package appears to have installed OK, the RC scripts and binaries are there… I'm just not sure how it's going to start. I suppose I could just SSH in and start it manually from the shell, but that's not really a permanent fix. What's the deal?