Second subnet on same OPT interface

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    I have two pfSense boxes running 1.2.3.  We run one CARP IP for failover of the WAN interface which works great.
    Then I run another CARP VIP for failover of the OPT1 interface.  This also works great.
    However our provider has allocated us additional address space and it is a separate subnet.  I would like to run this on OPT1 still if possible.
    However I cannot setup a VIP with CARP due to there being no IP on that subnet.
    I thought I could get around it by creating another interface on the same physical LAN and setting an IP on each pfSense and then a CARP address.  However then we get issues with ARP as the same physical network is on two interfaces.

    Is there a way to make this work and to have failover still on the second subnet?
    I would rather not have to have a separate physical LAN just to cater for additional address space.

    I hear there is IP aliasing in v2.0 but that is still RC.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • You will need to configure your router to send this second subnet by another interface or configure both on same router interface using vlans(your switch must work with vlans too).

    Then, configure a OPT2 interface for these additional addresses.

    works fine for me.

    Marcello Coutinho

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If your ISP is routing that additional subnet to your OPT1 CARP VIP, then you need only add them as "other" type VIPs, not CARP VIPs. Then they can be used for NAT.

    If it's delivered directly, where the ISP gear expects you to have "real" IPs there, you'll need to upgrade to 2.0. Then you can make an IP alias VIP on each firewall in the new subnet, and then you can add CARP IPs for that subnet.