Port forward mail web behind pfsense[SOLVED]

  • i need to port forward mail and web and dns to server behind pfsense
    i can send my mail from my server but can not get mail to my server
    here is my setup
    lan–> has mail and web server

    rules for wan
    TCP * 80 (HTTP) webserver 80 (HTTP) * none   NAT forward web to webpage  
    TCP * 443 (HTTPS) webserver 80 (HTTP) * none   NAT forward secure web to webpage  
    TCP/UDP * * DNSserver 53 (DNS) * none   NAT local dns  
    TCP/UDP WAN address 110 (POP3) MailServer 110 (POP3) * none   NAT smtp mail  
    TCP/UDP WAN address 25 (SMTP) MailServer 25 (SMTP) * none   NAT smtp mail  
    TCP/UDP * 21 (FTP) ftpServer 21 (FTP) * none   NAT FTP server

    port forward rules
    WAN TCP/UDP WAN address 25 (SMTP) LAN net 25 (SMTP) MailServer 25 (SMTP) smtp mail  
    WAN TCP/UDP WAN address 110 (POP3) LAN net 110 (POP3) MailServer 110 (POP3) smtp mail  
    WAN TCP * * webserver 80 (HTTP) webserver 80 (HTTP) forward web to webpage  
    WAN TCP * 443 (HTTPS) webserver 443 (HTTPS) webserver 80 (HTTP) forward secure web to webpage  
    WAN TCP/UDP * * DNSserver 53 (DNS) DNSserver 53 (DNS) local dns  
    WAN TCP/UDP * 21 (FTP) ftpServer 21 (FTP) ftpServer 21 (FTP) FTP server

    if anyone of the great people can point me in the right direction
    this would be great

  • Don't specify source ports only destination ports. that should remove some problems..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For the firewall rules you most likely do not want to set a source IP or port.

    The destination of the firewall rule should be the target of the port forward, not "lan net".

    Go over the following docs carefully:


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