Traffic Shaper 'By queue' tab producing wrong link to queues

  • Hi,
    the tab "By queue" for the traffic shaper produces wrong link to the queues for the interfaces.
    I tracked the error down:
    in line 1199 there is a '=' missing after 'interface'

    wrong line:

    $form .= "[GetInterface() . "&queue=" . $this->GetInterface()."&action=show\">".$this->GetInterface().": ".$scheduler."](\"firewall_shaper.php?interface")";

    correct line:

    $form .= "[GetInterface() . "&queue=" . $this->GetInterface()."&action=show\">".$this->GetInterface().": ".$scheduler."](\"firewall_shaper.php?interface=")";

    doing this change makes the link working.
    In the same file there another function called "build_shortform" but I don't know when that one is called. Theres the same error. It is line 590.


  • Fixed thanks.

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