DHCPv6 Server Not Working

  • For a month or more I noticed that the DHCPv6 lease option wasn't showing up in the status menu. I never had an issue connecting to the internet via IPv6 so I didn't think much of it. Recently I noticed that the DHCPv6 Server option in the Services menu is not there (this would explain why the DHCPv6 lease option wasn't there). I updated to the latest version: 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (i386) built on Fri Sep 2 14:17:09 EDT 2011 and while it was reinstalling the packages I checked to see if DHCPv6 Server was there and it was. After it had finished reinstalling the packages it disappeared. Trying to renew the IPv6 address just results in a time out.

    I've attatched my system.log. Unfortunately I didn't get the one from right after I did an update.


  • which package do you have installed? Does it overwrite the fbegin.inc file from /usr/local/www/fbegin.inc

  • I have:

    Dashboard Widget: Snort

    at the time of the latest upgrade I also had arp and squid installed but I removed them and rebooted to see if that would fix it.

    It appears that the file is being overwritten, though I don't know which package is doing it. If I go to the pages by typing it in the address bar I can get to them directly (,

  • the widescreen package replaces this is the word.

  • Ok, I've edited the original fbegin.inc with the necessary layout changes to make it work with the widescreen package. I've uploaded a copy here and I found a thread discussing a similar issue in the packages forum where I've also uploaded it.

    Edit: Sorry, the version of fbegin.inc I had didn't have the DHCPv6 Relay link in the Services menu. I've reuploaded the new version.


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