Binary changes on rtadvd router announcements daemon

  • Hi,

    There has been a patch included since our weekend builds that make it possible for RFC5006 DNS fields in router advertisements. This means that if you just gitsync the rtadvd will fail to start.

    You will want to upgrade to a new 2.0 RC3 snapshot and then gitsync.

    Alternatively pull the newer image from

  • hmm, I just grabbed the lastest, and now getting a new error?

    php: /services_dnsmasq.php: The command '/usr/sbin/rtadvd -c /var/etc/rtadvd.conf em2' returned exit code '1', the output was ''

  • what does /var/etc/rtadvd.conf look like for you

    # common definitions.
    # Generated for DHCPv6 Server lan

    I have replaced my domain with x's

    EDIT: Why is the router broadcasting my domain and dns server? Shouldn't that be the job of the DHCPv6 server? I have the router set to "Managed" but my Windows Server is actually handing out the info. Even if I switch it to "Router Only" the rdnss and dnssl are both still listed?

  • So should we not upgrade? Can you explain this a little better please?

  • djrocketboy, that is normal. Not all clients support dhcp6 which means they need another way to get those delivered. That's what you need this for. The big glaring error is the ipv4 address in there. That's just … wrong.

    The biggest client out there that does not do dhcp6 is Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. Only 10.7 has support for it.

    the length of the note is directly proportional to the time I have at that point.

  • added validation to only pick up on ipv6 nameservers.

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