• Manage Groups or users or something like that in m0n0wall is not in pfSense.
    I would like to have a less privileged account for me or someone else to log in from the web and be able to wake on lan one of my servers. But not be able to accidentally erase the listing (mac address, etc.). I looked through the menu but didn't find any type of "user" management. I have the image from 3/8/07.
    Other than that this is really COOL!!!!!
    Thankyou!!! Jeff

    I forgot to mention, this is installed on the 3 port Wrap Board.

  • We already have usermanagement in our head code tree. However this probably won't appear in Releng1 soon if at all. You might have to wait for the next major release for this feature to appear.

  • In addition to it being present in -HEAD, its GREATLY BROKEN.

    So it needs some massive attention.

  • I installed Webmin (lite) to do this. Works great an I only have to install the modules I need.

    Greetings, Marcel