Nmap not ping scanning local network

  • Hi,

    I just noticed that on all pfsense 2.0 machines I have installed that I cannot ping scan the local network machines everything but the local configured port fails. I can however ping them machines properly.

    example: ping  (works, shows pings)

    However: nmap -sP (says not responding to pings)

    when I do the whole subnet: nmap -sP (takes forever then reports that is the host that is up).



  • Just a thought: nmap tries to detect your primary interface and uses the address that you are scanning but if that doesn't work try -S to specify an interface. That should work.

  • nmap -sP is not the same as 'ping', use 'nmap -sP -PI' if you want ICMP echo requests.

  • Even better.

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