RDP constant disconnects over MPLS using internet gateway groups

  • Summary of my complicated setup:

    "Home Base":

    PFSense is main gateway

    Route for remote office:    –-> GW  ---> GW (Nuvox Router)

    I disabled filtering on same port (as when accessing 192.168.2.x it would hit the PFSENSE then route back out the same LAN interface to the Nuvox Router.

    The problem is every once in a while I will have an entire subnet that the RDP connections will connect and load the screen but freeze instantly followed by a disconnect/reconnect and loop as such.

    If I set my gateway to the nuvox router directly(Taking PFSense out of the routing) it works perfect.

    Current firewall rules (although they shouldn't apply) is policy based rules saying "if going to this remote office, use this router" and one final one saying if NOT remote office's subnets as destination , route over the internet gateway group.

    Hope that makes sense, any incite would be useful. Nothing in the firewall system logs either.

  • I believe I may have figured out the issue. Instead of having the policy based firewall rules directing traffic I removed them and let PFSense just use its routing table. I then changed the final policy based rule saying if NOT trying to access a remote office, go out the internet group of gateways.

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