Php error: 'route change …' returned exit code 68, 'route: bad address: inet6'

  • This may be related to this post,41986.0.html in Routing and Multi WAN.

    I am seeing this error in my logs every time rc.newwanip runs, probably because of the WAN interface down.

    php: : The command 'route change -host inet6 2001:470:20::2 2001:470:aaaa:bbbb::1' returned exit code '68', the output was 'route: bad address: inet6'

    2001:470:20::2 is (DNS server set for IPv6)
    2001:470:aaaa:bbbb::1 is the remote (from me) side of my GIF tunnel to

    I'm not sure why that route would need to change since it is the only IPv6 gateway i have.

    I am running pfsense 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) with smos' IPv6 gitsync branch and using an GIF tunnel interface through WAN, which means the IPv6 WAN (GIF) is the same physical interface as the IPv4 WAN, so when the IPv4 interface has a problem the IPv6 will of course also have a problem.

    So i am guessing that the error message is related to this and i should ignore it?  Or, is there a problem with default gateway switching?  Or is there a problem with my setup?

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    So which exact iso/update image are you using?

    And which exact git url?

    Just to be absolutely clear what version you're actually on.

  • This box was originally installed with a beta-2.0 ISO downloaded sometime around August 9 2011.  I don't know how to get the original version from the file system if it's in there, but that's probably the correct date, that's when the /root/.login file was created at least…

    the git url is git:// and it's using the "master" branch.  The latest time I ran gitsync was last Friday Feb 17 '12 and the last time I saw that specific error was Monday Feb 12 '12 (after which I posted this ticket).

    Additional info:

    I have a few ipsec tunnels which are using IPv4 only.

    Actually, looking around in webconfigurator just now i think i may have found the reason for this message;

    Back when i set this up, i wanted to make sure that IPv6 traffic only gets sent through the IPv6 tunnel, and IPv4 traffic only get sent through the WAN interface:

    In system -> routing -> groups i created an OnlyIPv6 group and an OnlyIPv4 group with each having it's corresponding gateway as tier 1 and the other gateways set to never.

    Then, in firewall -> rules -> LAN  (At the bottom) i created rules for "TCP/IP Version" IPv4/IPv6 and policy routed each to the corresponding gateway group.

    This error must have something to do with that, i am guessing.  Is this an unintended use of Policy Routing in general or a misuse of the pfSense feature specifically, or am i just hitting an unexpected corner case?

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    As of a couple weeks ago that sync method isn't going to really be viable, since we've been making changes to accommodate newer versions of PHP.

    Try one of the full images from

  • Looking at that URL you posted i don't see any 64bit/AMD64 version, is that not supported anymore for IPv6?

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    It is there just may not be any snapshots for that yet.

    We are trying to make things work properly for 2.1 on FreeBSD 8.3 and PHP 5.3, so things are in a bit of flux right now. It's in active development.

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