Is there a way to have multi-wan and multi-lan?

  • I have a multi-wan setup (a failover for my internet). I have 2 lans (192.168.0 and 10.0.0). I want to setup a failover for my two wans but I want traffic between the 192 and 10 network to ignore firewall rules all the time. If I create the failover and leave out the rout to the 10 network, communication stops. If I try to add the 10 network route to a tier in the failover, it still does not work. Is there a rule or a setting somewhere that says ignore the firewall completely when sending traffic between the 192 and 10 network?


    tl;dr version: yes, make a firewall rule from LANx to LANy with no gateway and place it above the failover rule. Do the same from LANy to LANx.

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