[SOLVED]dhcpv6 no default route to clients in lan ?

  • Hi,

    i've been experimenting with ipv6, but have no real prior experience with v6.
    I've managed to get the He.net tunnel up on a gif interface, assigned an opt and created a default gateway.
    i've managed to get a /48 routed subnet assigned to my lan interface.
    Afterwards i used dhcpv6 to assign ip's to my lan clients.

    then i noticed my lan clients were able to ping6 the pfsense LAN ip, they were able to ping6 amongst themself, but were unable to go outside the /48 subnet.
    i have tried this on windows7 machines & 1 gentoo; all seem to be lacking a default route.

    on the gentoo i've manually added a route like this: route -A inet6 add 2000::/3 gw 2001:xxx:xxx::1 dev eth0
    (google told me that is the way to add a default route the v6 way)
    After that, everything works brilliantly.

    Is it normal behaviour that dhcpv6 doesn't push a default route or am I doing something wrong ?
    I followed http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Using_IPv6_on_2.1_with_a_Tunnel_Broker

    Great work on 2.1 btw

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    yeah it works a bit different with ipv6.

    What do you have your Router Advertisements, in the dhcpv6 section set to?

    Select the Operating Mode for the Router Advertisement (RA) Daemon. Use "Router Only" to only advertise this router, "Unmanaged" for Router Advertising with Stateless Autoconfig, "Managed" for assignment through (a) DHCPv6 Server, "Assisted" for DHCPv6 Server assignment combined with Stateless Autoconfig It is not required to activate this DHCPv6 server when set to "Managed", this can be another host on the network

    Personally since I really don't want all of my boxes to out of the box have an IPv6 address, I have turned off all the RA, and don't have any dhcpv6 running and just set up the boxes I want to play with ipv6 with static.  And to just keep things simple a disable ipv6 on boxes I am not playing with as well.. On windows machine it keeps the ipconfig /all much cleaner for one ;)

    If you only have a few machines your wanting to play with this is better option if you ask me.  Then as you become more familiar with all the changes ivp6 brings to the table you can start playing with how RA and dhcpv6 work later.

  • I've set it to 'managed' and my lan devices seem to pick up the leases i want them to, they just miss a default route

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    I would have to look to see, if pfsense dhcpv6 hands that out when set to managed.  The way I read that, your dhcp server would have to hand it out vs RA.  But I don't see anything in the pfsense dhcpv6 settings to set it.  You might have to use a different dhcpv6 server that has that option when have RA set to that mode.

    notice the "It is not required to activate this DHCPv6 server when set to "Managed", this can be another host on the network "

  • perhaps … that why i'm asking if it is normal behaviour or not :)

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    Yes it is common that dhcpv6 does not hand out the gateway.. Pretty sure the option was left out on purpose because clients are suppose to find the gateway via RA.

    I am not as up to speed as I should be on dhcpv6, not something I have had to deal with as of yet - just been setting up my clients static.

    I would prob change your RA to assisted, this should allow you to hand out the things you want via dhcpv6 like domain name, dns, and let the client find the gateway via RA.

  • was indeed related to http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,50221.0.html

    this is now solved

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