How to set Multi-WANs with only two NIC card

  • Hi, I have a pc with two NIC card, and i want to install it with pfsense for Qos, Multi-WANs, as well as a complete routing and firewall.
    One NIC is for LAN and one is for WAN network, however, my ADSL connection has 16 static ip address available for me to use.
    so my question is with only one WAN nic card, is it possible to have 16 public static ip address assigned to the servers connected to the LAN NIC?
    ADSL connection ==> modem ==> WAN -pfsense -LAN ==> 16 Ports switch ==> a few servers with public static ip address.


  • The term 'Multi-WAN' refers to having several broadband connections running through the same firewall, such as a DSL and a Cable connection. What you want is easily done by adding your additional static IPs under Firewall, Virtual IPs. Then you can use the IPs for port-forwards or 1-1 NAT.

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