Why doesn't a system upgrade also upgrade the installed packages?

  • I just, as in seconds ago, upgraded to the latest snapshot, yet, the Dashboard shows me that a new version of nmap is available. If packages are re-installed after an upgrade anyway, why do I get that? Or was this just really unlucky timing?

  • Probably unlucky timing since packages are upgraded outside of pfsense. You are correct though, an upgrade should re-install packages and use new versions if they are available.

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    An upgrade does reinstall packages, so I'd say it's just bad timing on that one. Though I'm tempted to bump the version on a package just to make sure it happens. ;-)

    I have watched it reinstall packages so I know it does go through the motions there, but it's still possible there is a bug or two.

    The real test is to see a new version of a package before you upgrade, then upgrade and see if it's better.

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    I just tested this now. I bumped ntop up to 6.01 since I compiled new binaries.

    1. Watched test VM notice the new version, didn't touch it.
    2. Updated the firmware
    3. After reboot, package was on latest version.

    So this appears to be working properly, at least for me.

  • Looks like it was just unlucky timing…

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