Rules problems?

  • We run a simple Draytek box as a first modem/firewall before passing everyhing via pfsense into our network.

    Logging of draytek activity works fine when being passed via pfsense 2.0.1 - but have just built a test box using the latest 2.1 snapshot and everthing works as expected except that the traffic from draytek to the syslog application on the network side of pfsense just vanishes - nothing in any log as why or where it went.  No error when the "live" pfsense config was loaded into the test box - just all the traffic on port 514 vanishes.

    Applications running are pfblock, squid & cron - there is an IPSEC tunnel running as well

    Close the test box and restart the live box - logging resumes no problem.



  • I would recheck the option to block private networks. If you changed interface types, you might have re-enabled that option to block.

  • No - not that - all private addresses are allowed on WAN

  • Second thought - the private network was the clue - I had forgotten to force mac address of test machine to be the same as live machine - now works OK

    What an idiot.

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