Today's password for guest user with email notification

  • Hi All,

    we have newly installed PFSense in our environment. we are using three script for genrating guest user password for every day at 5 AM and lock the passwors at 11 Pm every and give the soft reboot at 11:30 Pm every day. below are the script details.
    1. - Used for genrating password and send an email notification.
    2. - Lock the password
    3. - used to rund above script at specific time on every day and execute soft reboot at specific time every day.

    when gets executed at specified time then it did not send email notification to specified email Id. can any one help me to resolve this issue. your kind help will be highly appreciated. i have attached the script for your review.

  • May i have help from anyone. still unable to resolve it. Please help me.

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