• I have Comcast cable with 5 statics (Wan), Eschelon t-1 with 5 statics (Opt1) and both are in bridge mode.

    I have been able to access an internal server when I Nat using a WAN static IP and when I use ipchicken.com it shows the WAN address, which is as expected.

    I need to access the internal server using a OPT1 static IP. I have load balancing setup and I have tried port forwarding and 1-1 using a static ip from OPT1 no luck. It seems as though I am missing a step.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • This should be fairly straightforward to setup. One thing to check is to make sure you added the Virtual Ips on the correct (OPT1) interface. With Dual-WAN, I would use port-forwards instead of 1-1 NAT- you cannot create a 1-1 to a particular IP on both interfaces.
    PS- I just noticed you said your WANs are in bridge mode. Do you mean that your cable modem is acting as a bridge or you have an interface bridged to another?

  • Thanks DotDash.

    The problem appears to have been that when I created my virtual ip's I used WAN instead of OPT1. It works great now.

    Thanks again for your quick response.