Any firewall changes cause connection dropouts and unresponsive web interface

  • Hi

    We have a master/backup carp setup that was working fine but now whenever any changes are made externally to the firewalls it drops PPTP and web interface connections. If we make a change to the web interface internally we dont notice the problem, however it does drop external connections. Master/backup are sync correctly and failover is working.

    The following text was from a retired topic that was never really resolved but is similar to what im experiencing.

    Additionally it seems like every change in pfSense web interface (even as trivial as skin change) causes full pfSense reload and terminates network connection for minute or so. For example all my VOIP calls die, remote SSH sessions freeze, Jabber server and few other services logs that connection to remote peers has been terminated. That happens after clicking "Save" and/or "Apply changes". Its really annoying and is also bad thing as I'm unable to do anything on router during work hours :-(

  • solved the problem, was a corruption between packages on the 2 firewalls. removed the packages and the problem was fixed. Seemed to be the squid packages but due to some testing between squid and squid reverse. They were no longer needed.

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