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  • Hi all
    Is there any way to apply all changes in pfsense with one click rather than 'Apply changes'  Individually?
    if the answer is no,  how can i change source code to do this?

  • If I have a lot of changes, I download the config file and edit it by hand.  Then push it up.

    If you want to do a staged change, you will have to do something like this on the server.  I do not see it as a trivial change.

  • you are wrong Lee sharp, a better way is to bypass pfsense and examine packets by hand!!

  • It is important feature to perform operations in batch.

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    There isn't one good way to do them all in one batch except for a reboot.

    What kind of changes are you thinking need to be all applied at once?

  • Doing them in batch is not a bad idea, but like Lee Sharp, I make bulk changes in downloaded XML and then restore the new edited config. For IP changes and the like.

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    The problem is, if you have multiple users in your GUI at the same time, the way it works now, someone can only apply changes for the section they're working on. If you do everything in a batch every time you Apply, you could break something that another user is doing.

    There are arguments to be made either way, really.

  • Agreed, but the changes I do in batch is when there is an IP address change for WAN where I need to adjust a lot of rules and such. Everyone is warned that I am doing this and not to make any changes.

  • I need something like Juniper SRX to Commit a configuration at a specified time

    In juniper SRX, When you edit a configuration, you work in a copy of the current configuration to create a candidate configuration.
    To have a candidate configuration take effect, you commit the changes. At this point, the candidate file is checked for proper syntax, activated, and marked as the current, operational software configuration file. If multiple users are editing the configuration, when you commit the candidate configuration, all changes made by all users take effect.

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    There was a whole big debate/thread on that on the mailing list - feel free to peruse the archive for the results.

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