Squid Guard Blocking my intranet webserver over IPSec VPN

  • I have two sites, with sonicwall NSA 4500 in my main office & pfsense in my branch office.
    I have setup Pfsense–>Sonicwall IPsec Site to site VPN!! It is working fine.
    I tried configuring content filter in pfsense in my branch office using squid(proxy server) and squid guard(proxy filter) in transparent mode.
    It worked fine for blocking unwanted sites.
    But the issue is when i tried to access the intranet webserver placed in my main office through vpn, it shows server is busy and is not accessable through the browser!!!
                      Site A                                                                  Site B
                      pfsense                ----IPSec VPN---->                  Sonicwall
    Client:                                                            WebServer:

    I cant access  from Site A  through my browser!!!!!!!!
    but i can ping my web server!!!!

    Somebody please help.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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