Multi wan setup

  • I have a new setup and I cant seem to get fail-over working…. I have 2 wan connections  (cable) and (T1)  the I have a private dmz 172.31.. and a local lan....192.10* I have configured our cable connection as tier 1 and our t1 as tier2. I have a rule set for outbound from the localnet to any using the LB group which consists of both our proxy.. for some reason if i pull cable down it never fails to the T1 and i tried different / settings with failover like packetloss/latency and both...from both wan interfaces on the box i can get out to the web via icmp. never fails to the T1 though...??? I am new to pfsense but i have run ipcop/ipfire/sonicwalls before...

  • In general it works like this:
    you have to different gateways - one is T1 the other Cable
    You create a Gateway Groupo with one GW as Tier 1 and the other as Tier 2 (you did that).
    No need for an extra outbound rule - just create a firewall rule and select the LB group as gateway.

    PS: Your both WANs need different gateways or LoadBalancing will not work.

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