• I'm going to do my best to explain this. I have a single business internet connection, i have 8 static ip addresses. Here is the layout

    My static addresses are

    My WAN subnet is
    My WAN gateway is x.x.x.1

    My cable modem goes to a switch that goes to three devices, sonicwall for users (Wan .50), transparent sonicwall for servers (Wan 150-153), and pfsense firewall for testing (Wan .49).

    The world and sonicwall for users can access all the addresses on the WAN subnet (.9 and .150-153). But when i'm behind the pfsense firewall i can ping the WAN gateway (.1) and the world (google) but i cant access any devices on the WAN subnet. I'm sure there is a setting somewhere that i'm missing. Any ideas where to look?

  • Fist, check firewall and nat rules.
    Second, use tcpdump to check what is happening with packages on wan interface.

  • Do you see the other devices under Diagnostics>ARP? Should show there with their correct WAN-side MAC address.

  • I feel like an idiot. A server that was installed a year ago and never used but running has the same ip address. Good to know that neither system told me there was a conflict. Thanks for the help.

  • Freebsd System logs alway show ip addresses switching mac.
    Are you sure it didn't happen on your system ???