Multi wan with same gateway, not possbile to switch the default gateway

  • i have a setup with nanobsd and alix for 2 wan pppoe connections from the same isp so the gateway ip appears same for both, issue is i created the first connection on vr1 and by default the routing page showed it as default, now when i added the second connection on vr2, it added under routing as non default, now when i try to switch the first one to not default and then switch the second to default then both show as default, im not able to switch the default gateway, the monitor ip i have set different for both.

    mayb its a gui bug or mayb it might break some routing also so showing and properly setting the default gateway needs to be improved based on the interface it was added by

  • the ip received from both the connections are different but the gateway ips are same and i have added different monitor ips for each

  • no1 else tried this?

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