• Good morning,
    i have a silly question to ask.  i am playing with developer edition and wondering if i want to make everything i installed (package) to build into a CF card, how do i do that?  do i run the script for building the CF image as mentioned in the WIKI under developer section "Build Pfsense from scratch"?  do i use this script build_embedded.sh to build it? or is there other ways to do this?  thank in advance.

  • afther you login you see a text that tels you how to make it

  • first thank you for replying.  i appreciated it.  i am afraid i dont understand what you mean.  perhaps let me reiterate.  i can install live cd and develop edition both fine.  but i want to turn either live cd or developer edition to CF with all the package i installed.  one method i found on google is to change /etc/platform to embedded.  then supposely it will be ok.  but i have my doubts.  i will rather use some sort of script to shrink live cd or developer to smaller size onto a CF card.

    btw, what do you mean by the text after i login?

  • if you login by consul or by ssh
    then you see in the welkoms text the hints to make a cd iso or a update or a embeded iso

    put all you stuff in the pfsense jail
    and run then the comands shown to you to make what you want