Pfsense and Static Route

  • hi guys, i've a problem and i cannot understand how to fix it: i've a firewall with 2 wan, one as default. Rules has been configured for single ip, and in every ip i specify the gateway to use, so some ips have the default and some other have the second. Everything works fine but static rules works only for the ips whic have the default gateway. Anyone Does know why this happen?

    Pfsense Version 2.0.1-RELEASE

  • You need rules to follow static routes before rules with specific gateway.

    When you add a rule forcing gateway, it will ignore routing table as you are forcing a route for it.

  • Thanks for the help

    can you show me how to make the rule?


    1. Wan1
    2. Wan2
    3. StaticĀ gw
    4. Rules Sorce ip gw

  • just allow the traffic you want on remote destination without setting a gatway.

  • Thanks it worked, I wish you a Merry Christmas

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