Accessing IIS Website on port 85

  • OK so I have a few websites that I am hosting on IIS using different ports for each which I access via my external ip. I am now using pfsense but I have problems accessing these websites from my external ip address. Lets say my external address is xxx. I would type in xxx:85 and access my site. I have tried prot forwarding but I am not sure if I am entering the right information.
    Interface : Wan
    External Address : Any
    Protocol : TCP/UDP
    External Port Range : from-other-85
    NAT IP : (network ip)
    Local Port : other-85

    If there is anything wrong with that or anything missing please let me know. Desperate here and I dont want to have to bypass pfsense.

  • OK I got it working by enabling NAT Reflection from the System->Advance settings

  • If your hosting websites in IIS. Do some research on IIS Host headers. You will then only need to open up port 80 to your IIS box and the DNS does the rest. You wont need to keep doing xxx:85 or 86 etc etc. Much more clean and professional.

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