• Hello,

    since a week we have to route a network over an IPSec-tunnel
    and it seems so, that we are not able to do so.

    Our configuration:

    Network1 172.20.10.x/24 with PFSense location 1:
        1 foreign router on
        1 static route: over

    Network2 172.20.20.x/24 with PFSense location 2:
        1 static route: over

    location 1 and location 2 are linked with an IPSec-tunnel.

    both networks have correct connections net1 <-> net2.
    from network1 we have access to 10.18.138/32.
    from network2 we can ping the foreign router on

    Now we must have access to from network2 over IPSec
    and over the foreign router in network1.



    Can you help us?