[solved] pfsense 2.02 on soekris net5501

  • Hello,
    I am looking for an installation-guide, how to install pfsense 2.0.2 on my soekris net5501.

    I did that with m0n0wall several times but that was quite easy because there is an image called  " ebedded: raw CF image for Soekris and PC Engines boards" and a small how-to

    Now, on pfsense, I downloaded: "pfSense-2.0.2-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.img.gz" and copied it on my 4GB-CF-Card by using physdiskwrite.

    When I power the soekris net5501 on, with eth0 attached to my dhcp-server, nothing happens. Okay "nothing" is a lie: the power-Button is glowing and eth0 is blinking sometimes. There is nothing to see at my dhcp-Server.

    When I plug the ethernet-cable into the eth1-port my dhcp-Server shows that it gave out an IP-address

    Fine, but there is no Port 80 or 22 where I could somehow connect to my Board to cofgure it somehow.

    so: what am I doing wrong? do I need a serial cable to configure?
    If so: why isn´t it as easy as installing the m0n0wall, the software should be similar…  ???

    sorry for my english: I am from germany....




  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You shouldn't need a serial cable to configure it on there, I don't think. I believe the default NICs on there should be vr, same as ALIX.

    However in order to troubleshoot/diagnose what's happening you will need to connect your serial cable and see what shows up on the console as it attempts to boot.

  • @sbrunk:

    When I plug the ethernet-cable into the eth1-port my dhcp-Server shows that it gave out an IP-address

    This suggests your box is up and running in the default configuration.

    Have you browsed http://doc.pfsense.org? There are links there to a number of installation guides/tutorials/how-to etc. (for example  http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Installing_pfSense which gives the default initial configuration.)  You should also search the forums; there might be specific information for your box showing the initial port configuration.

  • Thank you for the answers.
    I stopped looking for a serial cable in my old cable-boxes and you were right: I didn´t need one.

    Solution was quite easy and your answers gave me the last push to it:
    "pfSense-2.0.2-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.img.gz" was correct
    After plugging the WAN-cable  to eth1 and my client to eth0 made it:

    • I got en IP-Adress from pfsense:
    • my new dhcp-Server is the pfsense-Box:
    • I can config it by using the webinterface on

    thanks a lot!