How DynDNS detect the WAN IP ?

  • Hello !

    The WAN of my pfsense is behind a modem/router with router mode on, i can't put it in bridge mode.

    With port forwarding or DMZ from modem to pfsense, there is no problem and the system is as with a modem in bridge mode.

    I want to know how (wich process) that the "dyndns client" in pfsense use to detect the public IP :
    -Does it just take the WAN IP ? (i think)
    -Does it read a .conf file ?
    -Does it read public IP form an obselete URL ?

    I want to modify this process to use a whatismyip URL witch return a raw value (if you know : …

    Si the question is : how is detected the public IP ?

  • The WAN IP is used. There is no other option at this time.

  • after multiples searchs in pfsense files, i have not find the function used to use the WAN ip for do updates …

    i haven't localised the function "update dyndns" ...

    does anybody know where locate it ?

  • /etc/inc/dyndns.class

  • Thank !

    I will modifi the definition of WAN_IP …

  • simply create a php file and put it on public webserver (with php support) :


    And modify : /etc/inc/dyndns.class
    Replace this :

    $wan_ip = get_current_wan_address();

    By this :

    $handle = fopen ($filename, "r");
    $wan_ip = fread ($handle, 20);
    fclose ($handle);

    If you want, you can create a function with this code and call it (do not forget the  "return;" at the end of function).