QOS Only Bridge

  • I've searched all over the forums and I haven't found an answer to this so I'd thought it would be good to post here.  I have a dynamic ip address from my cable provide and I already have a firewall in place (ISA firewall) all I want is a QOS bridge no other filtering is needed.  I want to have pfsense sit between my firewall and cable modem to do traffic shaping and that's all but I can't seem to get this to work (followed the filter bridge pdf).  Also because this will be a transparent qos bridge I want to use the OPT interface on my wrap board as a management port.  Is this possible?

  • Bridging + QOS does not work currently.

  • Ahh thanks, at least now I know that I wasn't going crazy.  Any ideas if/when this will work?

  • There is a bounty started for it, that is all I know.

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